About us

For Bodies of Water

We started Sea Bottle in Newport Beach, California to produce natural skin care products that are better for your body and better for the ocean. Sea Bottle formulates with select natural ingredients to promote healthy skin, clean oceans, and the celebration of natural beauty. Captivating and eco-friendly packaging pay tribute to bodies of water, human and oceanic. A portion of every sale directly benefits non-profit groups committed to improving ocean health through public education and primary research.

Meet the Founders

Bradd “39°N” Kern is a natural products aficionado originally from New England who has long sought out organic, preservative-free, and humanely-raised food. When he realized that many commonly used personal care products were filled with toxic chemicals, he set out to create healthier, more attractive alternatives for our "bodies of water".

Jaeson “135°W” Plon is an avid surfer, free diver, and spear fisherman from Southern California who was disheartened during surf trips by the sight of plastic bottles washing up on shore of the most remote islands on the planet. He was inspired to take action and raise awareness of ocean plastic's devastating impact on the environment.

Sea Bottle’s Pump & Refill System

Recycle Sea Bottle’s pumps with our aluminum screw cap refill bottles to minimize plastic consumption. Simply twist off the aluminum cap and screw on the recycled pump.

Glass has triple the recycling rate of plastic, and is dramatically safer for marine life– unlike plastic, which degrades into tiny, ingestible bits called microplastic that float in the ocean and harm the fish population. Sea Bottle’s thoughtfully designed, frosted glass bottles make environmentalism elegant and convenient.

"Sense of Discovery", narrated by and featuring co-founder Jaeson Plon

As a concerned oceanographer recently observed, "the world is awash in plastic". Sea Bottle produces natural personal care products that are Better for your Body and Better for the Ocean. A portion of every sale directly benefits non-profit groups committed to improving ocean health through education and research.

Your Sea Bottle purchase contributes to healthier oceans by reducing plastic consumption and creating mindfulness of a critical environmental issue. We package in eco-friendly materials that are infinitely recyclable and do not harm marine life. "For Bodies of Water" represents our commitment to nourishing human skin while keeping plastic out of the ocean.



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