Starting Naturally

On a cool Sunday afternoon in Newport Beach, California, Sea Bottle co-founder Bradd was washing his hands after a frisbee toss with Oakley, his border collie/cattle dog mix. If a dog was man's best friend, hand soap wasn't far behind, he thought. He was using hand soap more frequently than any other personal care product in his home, and it was clear that not all hand soap was created equal. Some was too drying, some was overwhelmingly fragrant, some was kind of sticky, and some contained antibacterial chemicals he wanted to avoid lest his hand cleansing spark the next superbug. It was also difficult for the typical consumer to figure out which hard-to-pronounce chemicals were safe and which were potentially carcinogenic.

Bradd knew that many people avoided SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate) in their shampoos because of health concerns, but wondered why it was tolerated in so many other personal care products. He believed lack of awareness was they key factor. During his trips to the natural foods store, he began to pay closer attention to the ingredients in the personal care aisle and make more health-conscious choices for himself. 

Natural food awareness has already enjoyed a renaissance-- there's an active and ongoing discussion today about preservatives, pesticides, and antibiotics in our food chain. Although we slather and smear them all over our largest organ, our skin, personal care products are now, deservedly, beginning to generate the same level of concern and scrutiny as food. Sea Bottle aims to design premium personal care products that you can trust and use safely. For Bodies of Water.