Genesis of a Glass Bottle

Thanks for visiting Sea Bottle! We’re excited to start a conversation about personal care, the oceans, and products that do right “For Bodies of Water.”

There are many stories to share and images that inspire. We hope you’ll come along for the journey.

Seven years ago, Sea Bottle co-founder Jaeson took three flights, two ferries and one extremely long canoe ride off the coast of Sumatra to get as far away from civilization as possible.

When he finally stepped off his canoe onto one of the most remote, idyllic beaches in the world, he quickly realized he wasn’t the first person to make an imprint. Plastic bottles and bags were already littered across the shore, washing up on this deserted paradise from thousands of miles away. That scene never left him, and it’s one we’ve sadly watch play out in many other places, near and far. 

We have become so habituated to the convenience and ubiquity of single-use plastics, it’s hard to imagine alternatives. But there are. Our natural hand wash comes in a glass bottle that is 100% recyclable and degrades into sand.

Be it traveling, surfing or diving, our experiences inform the decisions we make about what goes into our product and how we package it. Our passion for the oceans and environment fuels our mission. For Bodies of Water.