3 Steps You Can Take to Protect the Ocean Today

Compared to the vastness of the ocean, our actions on land might seem inconsequential. But the truth is that over time, our cumulative decisions have a tremendous impact on marine life and the ocean’s health. Solving the problem of global plastic pollution starts locally with the things we can do every day to improve our own lives and our environment.  Step one:  Avoid plastic packaging.   Plastic is light and durable, making it the common container for nearly everything. It’s so common in fact that Americans discard over 35 billion plastic bottles every year!  However, 33% of all plastics escape collection...

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Video: Diving with Rig-to-Reef Explorers in Long Beach

Sea Bottle co-founder Jaeson Plon, Rigs-to-Reef explorers Amber Jackson and Emily Callahan, and fellow divers teamed up for a fall expedition to California's offshore oil rigs. With placid seas and 70ft of visibility, the group took advantage of the opportunity to document marine life on the structures and raise awareness for these unique and unlikely ecosystems. A portion of every Sea Bottle sold supports marine research, education and conservation through donations to organizations such as Rigs-to-Reefs.  Come along for the adventure in this wonderful video, shot and edited by Rick Elkus!  

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Interview: Rig-to-Reef Explorers Amber Jackson & Emily Callahan

Sea Bottle has partnered with Rig-to-Reef explorers Amber Jackson and Emily Callahan to raise awareness for ocean health and habitat conservation. We recently caught up with this marine science super duo between expeditions to discuss their work and ambitions. SB: Hi Amber and Emily! Most people think of retired oil rigs as eyesores on the horizon, but these structures can essentially be recycled and serve an important purpose within the ocean habitat. What is your mission as Rig-to-Reef explorers? Amber: The monolithic oil and gas platforms lining California’s horizon are slowing to a halt, pumping less and less oil up...

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Starting Naturally

On a cool Sunday afternoon in Newport Beach, California, Sea Bottle co-founder Bradd was washing his hands after a frisbee toss with Oakley, his border collie/cattle dog mix. If a dog was man's best friend, hand soap wasn't far behind, he thought. He was using hand soap more frequently than any other personal care product in his home, and it was clear that not all hand soap was created equal. Some was too drying, some was overwhelmingly fragrant, some was kind of sticky, and some contained antibacterial chemicals he wanted to avoid lest his hand cleansing spark the next superbug. It was also difficult for...

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Genesis of a Glass Bottle

Thanks for visiting Sea Bottle! We’re excited to start a conversation about personal care, the oceans, and products that do right “For Bodies of Water.” There are many stories to share and images that inspire. We hope you’ll come along for the journey. Seven years ago, Sea Bottle co-founder Jaeson took three flights, two ferries and one extremely long canoe ride off the coast of Sumatra to get as far away from civilization as possible. When he finally stepped off his canoe onto one of the most remote, idyllic beaches in the world, he quickly realized he wasn’t the first...

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Sea Bottle: For Bodies of Water

Sea Bottle creates premium, natural personal care products free of harsh chemicals like sulfates (SLS), phthalates, and parabens. We package our products in sustainable, recyclable materials. Unlike plastic, glass is endlessly recyclable, and all new glass production uses recycled glass. Since glass melts at lower temperatures than its constituent parts, using recycled glass in the production of new glass saves energy. In contrast, most plastic packaging associated with personal care products is not recyclable at all, or only recyclable one time. Our Coastal Lavender hand wash contains moisturizing argan oil, soothing organic aloe, and an essential oil blend. Lavender essential oil...

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